Given that the living room is an interactive space where people gather to spend quality time together, we definitely would want to make the space as comfortable and inviting as we can. Here are some essentials that you need to include in your living room if you haven’t already!

  1. Sofas/ Comfortable Chairs

Definitely, this is one not to be missed in a living room! It makes the place so much more cosier and inviting. When finding a suitable sofa for your living room, it is important to note the space you have. From there, you can decide to get a small cozy sofa or a large sectional one that requires a larger space which can fit a larger family. Other than the size, you can choose to venture with different shapes of the sofa to play around with the seating arrangement. Here are some types of sofa you can consider:

Ottoman: This is truly growing in preference and is one of the trendiest sofa. This is for those that need a little extra space or looking to fill that small underused corner. At the same time, ottoman can also function as a table – just top a glass cover over it and that’s it!

Credits: Univonna (#01-26)

The Armchair: A classic to have for all of you that are looking for a cheaper alternative to a massage chair. Also, this is great for you to just take a breather or a nap in the living room.

Credits: OHome (#01-35)

Sectional sofa: This is a multi-piece sofa that can be arranged in a number of configuration. For those who are fickle-minded and want to unleash your creativity once in a while – you can opt for this sofa and play around with the combinations and see which you like best! Check out The Green Furnishing (#01-01) to find your dream sofa!

Loveseat sofa: Let the couple seat together! A sofa just made for two people is the perfect one for a small living room and to create a cozier and more intimate space!

Credits: Lux Arcana (#01-30)

Mid-century modern sofa: The go-to sofa for most families, it is spacious and can fit more than 3 people, depending on the size of the sofa. Don’t miss out Ohome (#01-35)!

  1. Tables

–           Coffee table: Usually placed right in the middle of the living room, this is truly an essential which is perfect for you to place your snack bites, magazines or your other items. Top it off with a flower pot to make the area more inviting! Come and visit Mojo Living (#01-20) for more options!

Credits: Mojo Living (#01-20)

–           Console table: More than just providing a space to place your TV on top of it, the additional drawers serves as storage space for you to place your items. This makes the living room more organized and you can now find your items easily too! Alternatively, you can consider built-in furniture that blends in well with the home décor. It also provides lots of storage and makes the house look more spacious. If you need some tangible visuals, don’t forget to give Modern Living (#01-15) a look!

–           Side table: Simply put this beside your sofa and you will realise how convenient it is located! You can place your cup of drink as you relax on the sofa, or place a book, and your other personal items. Go and check out Star Living (#01-06)

3. Storage

–           Racks: This is definitely a must-have in your living room. Be it storing shoes, you can also store books, or place some potted plants on it. This makes the place less cluttered and visually pleasing. Don’t forget to check out Eco Links (#01-12/13)!

Credits: Eco Links (#01-12/13)

Shelves: A perfect addition to the living room, you can use the shelves to place some lovely family portraits or artworks to make the place livelier! Not only does this help to store your personal items, the shelves can also act as an aesthetic piece depending on the design you go for. Give 2010 Lifestyle (#01-08/09) a visit now!

Cupboard: Sharing the similar function as racks and shelves which is to store your items, you can change up the design of the cupboard to be opaque doors or transparent doors depending on the design of your house. Opt for the transparent doors if you want to showcase your beloved items, or opt the opaque doors for some privacy!

Credits: Dominiq (#01-33)

  1. Accessories 

–           Cushions: You can coordinate the sizes of Cushions and play with the patterns of the pillow cover. Remember that layering and balancing is an important tip when arranging pillows on sofas. Give a neutral cover for the bigger pillows and place them at the corner which serves as a background. Next, put the smaller pillows in the centre and give them a patterned cover. Here, you can play around with the shape of the pillow – be it a rectangular or a square one.  Don’t underestimate how the pillows can play a part in setting the tone of the living room!

Credits: Lucano (#01-07)

Start transforming your living room with us today and achieve a higher quality of life today! Head over to The Furniture Mall (located just beside IMM) to get your hands on these essentials!