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4 Tips to Nail the Monochrome Interior and Decor


Go for black and white aka monochrome when decorating for a classy and chic space that is fresh and clean! Neutral colours can work without the harshness and severity. The Furniture Mall shows you how to nail the classy monochrome interior and decor.


1. Go For White with Accents

Paint your walls white to give an illusion of a larger, airier room. It adds balance and gives a less severe look yet defines the right areas. For more interest and dimension, coordinate with a printed carpet or wallpaper of a similar colour scheme.

2. Accentuate Black with Shades of Grey

Did you know that shades of grey, white and black are great together? The subtle undertones give an added depth and interest. Grey is a cozy and calming colour that makes the space inviting!

3. Energise Neutral Space with Plants

Energise and enliven neutral space with plants and flowers to stimulate the area. The added greenery livens up all spaces without stealing the attention.

4. Play Around with Monochrome Patterns and Prints

Who says monochrome is boring? The colour palette is not only stylish, it withstands the test of time. Play around with patterns and prints across the range of spectrum from grey to black and white. Bright, loud colours are not necessary to liven up your very own abode.

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