Tired of your current bedroom layout and looking for a new direction to revamp it? Or just interested to find out little tweaks you can make in your bedroom? Read on to find out more as we share 5 tips for your bedroom furnishing!


  1. Get a secret stash under your bed 

If you are looking for a new bed frame, why not try one that allows you to have your own Narnia where you can store your late-night snacks that we all know you have somewhere deep in your cupboard?

Sleepnight by B&B Furnishing Centre (#01-17)

A storage bed is an ideal option for people with space constraints as it doubles up as a storage and a bed. These beds commonly come in 2 configurations – a hydraulic pull-up bed, and as a platform drawers’ bed.

Sleepnetics (#01-28)

If a storage bed is not something you are looking for, perhaps a pull out bed might be more suited for you. Also, a great option for a small space, pull out beds only takes up the extra space when you need an additional sleeping space and stores seamlessly as a single bed after that.


2. You deserve a comfy bed! 

Maxcoil Boutique (#01-24)

After getting your perfect bed frame, what would be a better compliment than a comfortable mattress for your nightly restful sleep? Thus, a good mattress is important as it helps prevent joint pain with its support. Which means to say, finding a mattress that contours to the curve of your body are not easy.

However, with our mattress experts in The Furniture Mall, you will be in safe hands as they share and advise you about the different types of mattresses such as wooden spring mattress, Natural Latex Mattress, Cooler Mattress and more.


  1. Do not be afraid of patterns

8edtimes (#01-05)

Patterns and textures may be daunting for some. However, they can add a pinch of novelty into your space without taking up any space at all. If you are looking to incorporate them, we would recommend a mural wall painting of your favorite design for the advantageous ones and a faux brick wall texture for those who want a safer option.


  1. Bring in warm lights

An introduction of warm lights to your bedroom space can lighten up your mood, making it a more relaxing space. As it takes away vivid illumination cool lightings have, warm lights are often used in bedroom spaces to help loosen one’s mood.

Art Living (#01-21)

Besides warm lightings, you may also consider installing blackout curtains into your bedroom. What blackout curtains do is to block lights and noise coming from your neighborhood, aiding you for a night of better sleep.


  1. Choosing the right wardrobe

Do you have an unused spot in your bedroom that does not fit no matter what you try? Let that problem be gone by customising your clothing racks or wardrobe! Here are some advantages customisation can bring you beside a perfect fit into your space:

  • Anti-cockroach
  • Anti-scratch
  • Mould resistance

Dominiq (#01-33)