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7 tricks to make your space look bigger

Struggling with the small space you are living in? Or looking to redecorate your place? Here are some tips and tricks to make your space look bigger than it is without compromising on aesthetics.


1. Mirrors are your best friend! 

As a way to create an illusion of depth, mirrors work well in creating the perception of a bigger space. Besides creating an illusion, mirrors also bring in both natural and artificial lighting to your space as it reflects light to illuminate further into space.

Keeping in mind the limited space, a good way to incorporate a mirror into your space without breaking the bank or taking up too much space is multipurpose furniture – which brings us to the second tip.


2. Multipurpose furniture

Commonly built to serve several purposes, multipurpose furniture is basically 2 types of furniture but in one. Common examples of multipurpose furniture are:

  • Mirrored wardrobe
  • Storage Beds
  • Sofa Beds

Check out this storage bed from #01-17 B&B Furnishing!


3. Float your furniture

By floating, we mean keeping it away from the ground for clear floor space. Floating your furniture would better allow for one to gaze through the entire room as spaces which are usually occupied by the legs of furniture is now opened up.

Some ways to float your furniture are to get a furniture piece, say mirror, shorter than the entire length of the room and getting a side bed without legs. When the furniture is now floating, it also gives you the creativity to stagger them, allowing for your space to look spacious.


4. Size does matter for Rugs!

Trust us, your space will look better with a rug that stretches beyond the furniture. Another way you can play around with rugs is to have it under your furniture, playing with the psychological effect of the eyes. What you should avoid doing with rugs is to get one smaller than the size of your furniture!
Visit Gabbeh Carpet at #01-19 today to find your perfect rug!


5. Do not steer away from your current style

Keep the selection of your furniture to the same style you have been following for a less cluttered look. Also, by sticking to the same style, your space will look like one with your furniture. The last thing you would want to do is to have a wide variety of clashing patterns.


6. Two is indeed better than one

Given a choice between getting two smaller coffee tables and a big one, always opt for the 2 small ones when maximizing your space. Besides looking chunky, the bigger option poses lesser flexibility for reshuffling. The option for 2 smaller items allows you to move it around and even for multipurpose use! For example, a small coffee table can be easily shifted to be an ad-hoc bedside table. Besides, aren’t we always looking for an excuse to buy more than one? 😉

If you are thinking of getting a new set of furniture that comes with 2 smaller items, drop by Brighton at #01-31 to check some out!

7. Vertical, Vertical, Vertical!

Thinking vertical means choosing a taller bookshelf instead of a wider one. When already facing space constraints, a big no-no would be to fill up every empty space with furniture items. Similarly, in order to maximize your limited space, if a taller bookshelf gives you the same storage capacity as one that is wider, go for it! Along with the illusion of stripes, this works exactly the same way for taller and higher furniture!

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