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Choosing Suitable Lights for Your Home

While light is important to us, to our daily lives and activities at home, most of us take the existence of light for granted. Or grown used to it, if we’re living in the house for a long period of time. And as there are so many choices of lights out there, as well as the designs of these lightings, it is not easy to choose the ones you really need to those you like and want a lot.

There are three basic types of lighting you would want to know and get associated to, so to equip yourselves with some knowledge and to prevent mistakes when selecting the types of lighting for your home.

1. Ambient Lighting 


Ambient Lighting, or better known as General Lighting, is an important type that you would need at home, and preferably in all rooms, so to give the space a general illumination for activities that are not heavily dependent on specifically-directed lighting – like folding of clothes, or packing of items while enjoying your favourite show on tv.

This also serves as the main lighting source in absence of Natural Lighting during day time, and in smaller spaces where you would prefer to have only a single lamp installed – like the store-room or bathrooms.

2. Task Lighting

These are specific lights placed at areas where you perform your tasks (like reading and working, or preparing and cooking of food), and they are often placed in specific positions to minimize on shadows and glare to the eyes. Though warm lights give your surroundings a cosier feeling, cool lights are better suited as task lighting as they minimize eyestrain.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent lightings are lights that accentuate, or bring out specific features you want your guests and their eyes to focus on, or to add on some brownie points to the décor of your homes. For this, warm lighting option is preferred, to give your home a cosy feeling. But do note to avoid having too many of these around as they might result in creating a harsh ambient at home, in which we would like to avoid.
With that said, we hope that this little guide helps you understand more about the types of lightings you may require, following closely to your (and your family’s) lifestyle and daily habits. You can also start planning and consider the specific lightings you require in each of your spaces.

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