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Colour Trends Of 2019

Thinking of a restyling your house? Don’t know what colours to go for? Well, here’s the exact blogpost that’s going to give you the answers you need. Be it repainting those plain walls or buying a new furniture – here are some colours that you need to get!

1. Pastel Tones: Lilac, Primrose Pink, Misty Blue, Lemon Yellow


A sweet, endearing pink infused lavender, Lilac gives a gentle pop of colour to the house and exudes its charm quietly. While maintaining the integrity of neutral tones in the house, this understated, muted lilac colour still possess its rich energy with a mellowed intensity that makes the shade more versatile. Furthermore, this shade of purpose is found to convey a message of tranquillity and serendipity which makes people feel happy and calm. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect house to come home to?


This shade is rising in popularity due to its versatility and compatibility with other shades. Adding such colour tones adds warmth and a sense of relaxation, while bringing vibrancy to the house. One of the best ways to match pastel pink is to mix in with brass, gold or white marble elements. Other favourite schemes include grey décor and neutral décor. This instantly provides a modern aesthetic look to the house.


Blues with a softened mistiness and haze are currently in trend. It blends in with the neutral backdrop and promotes a more serene energy. This gorgeous deep sophisticated blue with accents of green pairs beautifully with un-lacquered brass hardware. Simply timeless and elegant, it doesn’t dull the house or make the palette too rich. This shade, though uncommon, but is surely rising in preference.


Many steer away from this colour palette as they find it too bold of a colour and hard to match. However, you’ll be surprise how this colour goes well with almost everything! This certainly adds a pop of colour to the neutral tone in your living room. Don’t underestimate how this subtle addition of lemon yellow pillows and chairs to the room can bring such vibrancy and life!

2. Classics: Ivory, Taupe


Of course, ivory is one of the staple colours to be included in everyone’s home. Against a dark backdrop, it serves as an aesthetic contrast. On the other hand, against a light backdrop, it acts as a perfect harmony all together. Ivory is certainly such a versatile colour not to be missed. To add more dimensions, you can also play around with the texture of the furniture – be it marble smooth, leather soft or wooden edges.


This colour is certainly one of the hit colours this year, and it’s expected to stay for a long time. It instantly adds a modern feel to the house and makes space feel bigger. These light coloured curtains are a great match with rooms that receive a lot of direct sunlight. Additionally, a practical benefit is that they are less prone to fading from the sun. Given Singapore’s all-time summer season, this is definitely a good colour option as it is more likely to bounce the sun’s rays away, keeping rooms cooler.

3. Go Bold: Forest Green, Deep Navy Blue, Terracotta


Forget about the dark old colours like black or dark brown. Forest green is the new, up and rising colour to replace these dark colours. It definitely helps to mask any dirty stains and checks all the boxes for the benefits of having a dark-coloured sofa. Playing with the textures, a leather forest green couch would add a luxurious touch to the house while a fabric material would make the house look cosier.


Similar to forest green, deep navy blue sofas are now rising in ranks and gaining much preference. It serves as an alternative to the usual dark colours and with its versatility, it complements any colour scheme you are going for in the house. This shade of blue is rich and chic, which acts as a must-have statement piece in everyone’s home. Indulge in this stylish furniture together with your family, and impress the guests that come visit you.


A mixture of brown and a bit of pink inside, this brings about nuances that seem elegant. If you are in need of a bold piece to add colours to your house, terracotta is a new colour you need to get. It is a cozy colour that helps warm the house with just a few touches. Surprisingly, this colour is easy to combine with warm colours and materials such as wood, but also with cold colours such as blues and materials like concrete, which creates an interesting contrast effect.

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