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Home is Where The Heart is

It is where you retreat from stress of work, friends and dating. It is also a place that soothes your sole and restores your energy. Therefore, a personal style for your home is very important. Home style helps you to organise your space and make informed decisions about how to furnish it and what kind of decorations to buy. It is not just about picking blue or red as your favourite colour. It is an aesthetic code that will help you define the visual character of your home. First, before creating your home, you need to understand what kind of home style there are and which best suit for you.

What is a Home Style?

Home style is the combination of decor, architecture, and design elements that make your home uniquely yours. It is all about your tastes, preferences, and desires. Decorating your home doesn’t mean making it look like a showroom. It means creating a space that feels like you. Home style is not merely how we arrange the furniture but it is how it is decorated, where furniture is source, and how the room is made functional.

Home style is what makes your home uniquely yours. It is your own personal style, created through the use of your taste, preferences, and desires. Having a home style is like having a code that helps you decide what to include in each room.

Deciding on a home style

Home styling can seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. There are many ways to discover your home style:

  1. Pinterest for homestyle and decor ideas
  2. Instagram for homestyle and decor ideas
  3. Talking to friends and family to find out what they think suit your personality
  4. Home Magazines to find the styles you are drawn to

There’s no one way to find a home style that works for you. If you’re struggling to find a home style that feels right for you, use these tips to help you along the way:

  • Start with what you like. You don’t have to know why you like a certain design style or colour palette. Just start with your likes and dislikes.
  • Consider your personality. Think about your strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. Your home style should reflect who you are as a person.
  • Create a mood board. Pinterest and Instagram are made for collecting home styling ideas. Create a board and start saving images that inspire you and reflect the vibe you’re going for in each room.
  • Ask yourself why. Whenever you find an image or design idea that resonates with you, ask yourself why. – Consider your lifestyle. Your home style should be functional and fit your lifestyle. If you have kids or pets, you likely want a less clean and sleek look.

Home Styles

There are many different type of home styles. We will be covering the most common home design styles and provide some tips to the home style.

1. Modern Style

The philosophy behind Modern Style is to keep it simple. It makes use of colours that consist of neutrals, black and white. Spaces in modern style usually uses clean lines and it is a great choice for people who prefer simple and uncluttered spaces. These spaces usually has low, horizontal furnishing, minimal decor as well as an open concept floor plan.

What materials can you use to spruce up your modern style home? You can make use of natural materials, unpainted wood/metal, leather, fabric upholstery, chrome, steel, glass and concrete. You can also put 1-3 piece of accessories on the wall like abstract art, etc.

2. Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style is all about being relaxed, careful and having no rules. While there are no rules in Bohemian style, warmed toned, earthy or metallic colours are usually used. Combining and layers are the unique characteristics of Bohemian style. Feel free to mix patterns and textures. Don’t worry that they are not conventional. Bohemian styles are just bold, bright and colourful. Be bold and try it!

To get the Bohemian vibes, you can also add some natural, basic materials like sisal, burlap or hemp, vintage items or even handmade items. Ambient and understated light will further enhance the bohemian styled home.

3. The Scandinavian

The philosophy behind Scandinavian style is clean and open. Scandinavian emphasises bright, light, and open spaces, with enough room to move and breathe within them. Instead of contrasting colours, Scandinavian make use of white, grey, black, light/neutral colours and darker accents colour. To heighten the whole look, find ways to contrast foundational pieces, such as Pendant lights, hanging plants,, lush greenery, wall art, natural textiles, hardwood flooring, etc.

4. The Eclectic

The philosophy of eclectic style is break the rules and be bold. Eclectic style is one style that can mean different things to different people but it is all about putting your personality in your home style. The eclectic is all about mixing styles, contrasting colours, patterns and textures as well as putting mismatch pieces of furniture.  Saturated and accent colours as well with neutral shades are commonly used. Wood, glass, stone, brass finish can also be used.

To spruce up the eclectic style, fabric prints, wood shade or metals can be used. Some ideas for consideration are as follows:

  • Use plants or greenery to get the boho or eclectic vibe
  • Mix and match textures and colours right at the entrance of your door
  • Play with colour! Don’t be afraid of something unconventional. Mix and match colours all you like!
  • Eclectic style is all about personality. Decorate your home with things you love and show off the important things to you
  • Do something unexpected!

5. The Minimalistic

The philosophy of the minimalistic is less is more. Simplicity/Bare essentials are the importance in minimalistic style.Keeping walls clean with minimal artwork and room clutter free are common. Minimalists usually maximise storage to make the room appear almost empty. Quality is key and much more valued over quantity for the aesthetic of the home. Basic & Neutral, White, Black or Natural Hues are usually used in this style.

To spruce up the minimalistic style, you can use industrial materials like chrome, steel, metal or glass. Accent decorations and textures can also be used to further enhance the style.

We hope this blog article has allowed you to better understand different home styles and use the tips to find your home style. More tips coming. Stay Tuned.

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