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Enhance Your Study Area

When you have your own bedroom, you will most likely have a study area that’s beside your bed. However, that’s absolutely tempting and distracting – you’ll have a tendency to plop on your bed while studying or working and take a nap longer than expected. And there goes piling workload that remains undone. So how do you enhance your study area and become more productive?

1) Tables
Firstly, it would be better to strategically place the study table back facing the bed, so that you won’t see your bed and be tempted to sleep. Clearly applying the rules of “out of sight, out of mind”! Also, it is important to place the table facing the sunlight so that you can work better.

  • Tables with shelving units
    If you need extra space to place your books or files, you can go for this design which utilises the most efficient use of your study area. This clean and practical piece of furniture allows you to access materials you need easily. Eco Links at #01-12/13 may carry the one you are looking for!

  • Tables with sliding trays

For those that are using desktops and keyboards, you may opt for a computer desk that comes with a sliding tray to place your keyboard. Otherwise, you can use the drawer units to put in additional items.

2) Lights

It is noted that good lighting will increase your productivity and concentration. Since natural light is easiest on your eyes when studying, try to position your desk in front of a window. When the sunset, use a desk lamp with warm lighting close to natural daylight so there is less strain on the eyes. Alternatively, you can consider using ceiling lights as well! Up your interior aesthetic by incorporating interesting lamp designs, or you can go for those minimalistic designs to keep it simple. 

3) Comfortable office chair

It is important that while you are working, you use a comfortable chair – after all, you would not want to be fidgety and distracted while working. You might be wondering why you should get an office chair for your own study area? Well, incorporating some office element into your study area would switch you to “work mode” mentally and you’ll be in a state of mind that yields higher productivity. 

4) Storage cabinets

Since you are working in your bedroom, lots of storage cabinets are needed! Not only do have to organise the space for your clothing, but you also need to store your education or work materials. Here are some tips to organise your materials:

  • Use drawer units to store materials that you seldom require – since you rarely access these materials, you can place them aside in the drawers and retrieve it as when you need it.
  • Use shelving units or wall shelves to place materials you need often. This allows for easy access and identification of materials you need – just with a glance, you know where to get what you want. 


5) Curtains 

You can opt for blinds or curtains depending on your style. For your workspace, you can include sheer, light curtains which allows more light in, creating a brighter vibe for your study area. If you are one that needs such vibes, curtains are one for you! On the other hand, if you want to create a cosy, study area so you’ll less stressful, you can opt for heavier, richer curtain fabrics in materials! Otherwise, if you want a clean-cut look which helps imbue a sense of structure to your space, you can definitely consider getting blinds instead! 

Perhaps Curtain K at #01-04 would be where you find your next new curtain!

With these 5 tips, you are fully equipped and aware of what you want in your study area! Don’t forget to check out those stores mentioned to get your hands on the furniture that you want. It’s time to up your productivity game and get your dream work area!

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