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In Singapore, 80% of the resident population stays in a HDB flat. Initially, the earlier generation of Singaporeans were contented to have a roof over their heads but as Singapore transited from a Third World Nation to a First World Nation, aspirations for better living conditions grew and in today’s context, a HDB is no longer merely a shelter with a roof over our head, but also a sanctuary for us to take a breather after a long day at work (chasing the classic Singaporean 5Cs of Cash, Condo, Car, Credit Card and Country Club). In recent times, more and more Singaporeans are paying attention to crafting that unique (and sometimes out of this world interior design) home for themselves.

This piece of article is dedicated to you – the typical hardworking Singaporean who will be getting your first home soon or someone who already owns one but might be considering a renovation down the road.

Start With A Budget

Have tons of ideas from browsing all the inspiring and cool HDB and Condo interior design images in Google but have a limited budget? Well who doesn’t have a budget? But with careful planning and lots of research online, you can certainly maximise each and every dollar for your new home!

To build your “dream home”, the total budget really differs a lot for different people. It is pretty much related to how big your home is (resale HDB flats are usually bigger than the new BTO flats) and also how much work you require your interior designer or renovation contractor to do (example: with more Singaporean couples having lesser children, it has become a trend to knock down walls of existing rooms to create a “bigger space”).

The renovation budget of a resale flat can range from $40,000 to $90,000 and $30,000 to $60,000 for a BTO flat.

Decide On An Interior Design Theme / Idea For Your HDB or Condo

Before you can even start to shop for furniture and electrical appliances, the first and foremost idea is to decide on an interior design theme. With a clear idea of the feel and concept, you can then decide on the matching colour scheme and it will make your job much easier in buying the furnishings to go with your interior design theme.

  1. Stylish Interior Design Theme
  2. Industrial Interior Design Theme
  3. Modern Interior Design Theme
  4. Woody Interior Design Theme
  5. Sleek Interior Design Theme
  6. Vibrant and Colourful Interior Design Theme
  7. Open Concept Interior Design Theme
  8. Retro Interior Design Theme
  9. Scandinavian Interior Design Theme
  10. Minimalist Interior Design Theme
  11. Artsy Interior Design Theme
  12. European Interior Design Theme
  13. Medieval Interior Design Theme
  14. Chinese Interior Design Theme
  15. Indian Interior Design Theme
  16. Zen Interior Design Theme
  17. Japanese Interior Design Theme
  18. Rustic Interior Design Theme
  19. Colonial Interior Design Theme
  20. Contemporary Interior Design Theme
  21. Vintage Interior Design Theme
  22. Space Interior Design Theme




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Interior Design

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