As we approach the last quarter of the year, here are some furniture trends that have been sticking by for long!

  1. Natural Materials 

With the recent growing preference for nature, many are venturing into using natural materials for their house furniture. You can see polished wooden furniture being incorporated into tables, bedframes or as cabinet and many more. These are in fact very versatile pieces that can match with almost any colour palette. Other than wooden furniture, we have rattan pieces which are extremely lightweight and easy to clean as well. These are usually incorporated into the sofa or serve as a perfect storage holder. However, too many wood furniture can be monotonous, so best to break it up with some metal pieces which brings me to the next point! Don’t miss out Lux Arcana (#01-30) to get your hands on this quality furniture!

  1. Metal Pieces 

What’s in trend now is technically any furniture that has brass or blackened metals. Such metal furniture is best matched with marble and this trend is definitely here to stay! Lining your furniture with gold metals adds a classy touch to your house. Be the coffee table, or mirrors for your vanity corner or to the lamps, this addition will definitely bring a more opulent vibe to the house. Those blackened metals would give a more edgy and stylish vibe – so depending on what style you are going for; you can absolutely switch it up! Check out Yew Ho Chuang (#01-34) to find the perfect metal furniture for your house!

  1. Luxe Bedframe

Credits: B&B Furnishing (#01-17)

Feel luxurious in your bedroom with this new addition! This luxe headboard makes the bedroom look classy and cozy at the same time. You can get a velvet, tufted headboard which creates a more intimate setting while the leather headboard would complete the classy, chic theme you want. This luxe bedframe is indeed one of the trendiest items up there and it’s not one to be missed!

  1. A bold, angular statement piece

Many are in fact pushing for art with function, hence let your creative juices run while selecting your next bold statement pieces! Here is some furniture that will help you score a punch with:

–           Lamps:

Chandeliers are definitely your go-to if you want to make a statement and impress your guest. This sets a classy theme for your house and definitely exudes its elegant charm. Opt for a small or big size depending on the amount of area you are working with. Other than chandeliers, angular shaped lamps are now growing in preference as well. This brings out a modern and stylish vibe to the house.

Credits: Knocknock (#01-37)

–           Cupboard: Having some good old antique, such as in the form of a cupboard, brings out the quality and elegance of the house up to a notch effortlessly. Play around with the colours of the cupboard – such as tanned brown, or cream white to fit with the colour palette of your backdrop.

Credits: Star Living (#01-06)

–           Tables: Such a functional, statement piece is definitely essential to the house. A statement piece does not only mean utilising bold colours, but you can also play with the texture, design or materials to make it stand out. An example here would be simply playing around with the design and style of the table even though it uses the common colour and material of wood. Give Lucano (#01-07) a visit to find your dream statement piece!

  1. Multifunctional furniture:

This is one of the most popular choices given its practicality and price! Having more than 1 function for the price of 1 furniture, who doesn’t like the sound of that?

–           Standing jewellery cabinet mirrors: For all your accessories junkie, this is definitely a piece you should have – not only does it help you organise your jewelleries, but it also helps you store them conveniently! Gone are the days your necklace gets tangled or you are missing that other earring.

–           Nesting tables: This is a growing favourite amongst everyone! You can separate out these tables when you require more space and move them to wherever you need easily. Once you are done using the table, simply put them stack them together and you will find yourself with more space! Truly a functional yet aesthetic piece you need to have.

Credits: OHome (#01-35)

–           Chairs and ladders: This fold-up step ladder is the perfect piece for all you people who have a smaller house and buying a huge ladder is just a waste of money and an impractical choice. Now, you have a chair that function as both a chair and a ladder. This helps you save space and your money! Alternatively, you can also use this as a rack to store your personal items or just place some small potted plants to decorate your place.

–           Armrest sofa that act as tables: Well, if you’re just using your phone and drinking a cup of tea, do you really need a large table for that? Now, with this armrest that serves as a table as well, you can just simply enjoy accessing these items within a short reach! This is definitely a must-have for smaller apartments and for those of you who crave functionality in furniture.

  1. Blush Tones:

This is definitely a colour palette you should incorporate into your house! When paired with neutral colours, it acts as a statement piece and matches with the colour palette ever so perfectly. At the same time, when put together with bold colours like navy or forest green, it is subdued as a supporting piece and provides a visually-pleasing blend of colours.

  1. Art Decoration:

Increasingly, people are adding in art decors to make their house livelier. Be it an encouraging quote, funky art pieces or even putting your family photos up on those frames are considered art decors that you can consider using it to decorate your house!

Credits: Maxcoil Boutique(#01-24)

With these furniture trends in mind, don’t forget to visit The Furniture Mall (located beside IMM) and also the aforementioned vendors to get your hands on these pieces!