Getting furniture pieces for your kids can be tough; from finding the right balance between what they like to how functional the product actually is. If you are battling this struggle, read on to find out more on what we would recommend that would be a win-win situation for both you and your kid!

1. Cube storage

This is such a piece of versatile furniture which can be used for a display cabinet, or simply add boxes to store your kid’s toy! You can also transform it into a bench as well! This helps to keep the place neat and tidy. At the same time, with these cube storages, you can store similar related items together which trains your child’s organisation skills.


2. Bunk Bed

Credits: Star Living (#01-06)

Not only does a bunk bed help in saving space, but you can also make your kid’s room look cuter with it! Especially with the addition of the ladder, but this would also already spark the interest of your children and they would have fun by themselves. This is definitely one that’s built to last, up to the child’s adolescence. 
3. Chairs

You can go for a funky looking chair – just like this rocky horse to add in your house! This will be a fun addition for your child and keeps him/her entertained. Also, you can use rounded tables and chairs which is absolutely kid-friendly for your child so they don’t get any injuries by those sharp edges.

4. Customise those walls

Credits: Art Living (#01-21)

Decorate those walls based on what your child likes! Be it switching it up to a bouldering wall or simply pasting wall stickers to make the room much more inviting and fun! Don’t underestimate these details can make – this can help enhance your child’s learning and stimulate creativity from young. These skills cultivated from young will certainly go a long way!


5. Tent
This is designed absolutely to keep your child comfortable at all times and makes indoor play fun. With this addition, you instantly create a joyful environment in your room. Your child can have a good nap and play within the tents to keep them occupied. Having a tent at home is such a cute idea and can even invoke nostalgia in you!


Additional tips: Other than getting furniture that your kid likes, you need to ensure that your other common furniture is kid-friendly too! Most importantly, you need to look at the material of the furniture and deem if it’s useful.

How do you determine so?
Many furniture materials help resist stains better than others. These stains can come from the food your child dropped or doodling stains from your child’s outburst of their inner Picasso. For easy cleanup, leather is often a good choice because these stains can easily glide off as compared to those fabric materials which may require a little more effort.  Also, it is important to place corner guards so that your child will not be injured by any sharp-edged furniture you have at home. 

Now, your kid can roam and play safely around the house! With that aforementioned furniture for kids in place, your house will definitely be a dream space for your kids which helps build an enjoyable childhood for them.