Looking at creating a vibrant living room with coloured sofa for a space that packs a punch of colour? Bold, lively colours are much easier to decorate and furnish your living room than you think. Don’t be afraid to play around with colours. Read on to find out how colours can give more than an added dimension to your living room.



Purple is probably one of the most underrated choices when it comes to coloured furniture. The chic colour brightens up the room, creating an elegant and mature ambiance yet it is seldom chosen or seen in living rooms. Don’t shun purple! Throw in a few colours on the colour wheel for a cosy lived-in look in the form of cushions or framed wall decor.


Tip: Paint your walls grey to match your purple furniture. They go well together!


Make a statement with bold red couches! It is ideal for the contemporary living room; just stick to neutrals like black and white or monochromatic colour scheme. The framed art, patterned cushion and rug complement and bring the whole look together.


Tip: Include shades like grey and brown in your neutral-toned home to bring out the warmth.


Don’t deter from orange sofa, the cherry colour lights up all spaces; creating a lively and cozy vibe. Pair bright colours such as orange with monochrome colours for the Scandi chic interior decor like above. Throw in a patterned orange armchair for an added interest.


Tip: Go all the way out and incorporate blue, a complementary colour to orange, for a great pop of colour! We love royal blue with burnt orange.

Tan Brown

Go for the zen look by creating a monochromatic colour scheme that is usually coupled with earthy elements. Brown patterns like rattan or bamboo are great texture to play around with too! Include splashes of colour like orange for a decorative feel and plants for a calming soothing vibe. When decorating, ensure these three elements are met: peace, balance and rejuvenation.


Tip: If you decide on patterned tan brown sofa, pick simpler colours and shapes to work round the couch to avoid overwhelming the entire living room.


Blue is a calming colour and an impeccable choice to match with grey. The soft hues will transform your space into a dreamy tranquil space. Mix shades of grey undertone or deeper tones for more depth and contrast. However, do keep in mind that natural light can affect how the colours appear through out the day.


Tip: To balance and bring the whole look together, add brown, bronze and even white elements.