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Making Your Living Room A Better Place For You To Relax

The living room is usually the first thing you see when you open the door. Imagine you’re back from work and you see your living room in a mess – that’s the last thing you would want to see and it’s your last priority to clear it up. Such clutter makes it more difficult to relax and just adds on to your piling troubles. Hence, maintaining a neat and clean area is an important rule to abide by to make the living room a better place for you to relax. But how do you achieve that?


1. Use functional furniture

One of the best ways to make your living room more spacious is to use storage sofas. You can use furniture with hidden storage to store toys, magazines, games and your other possessions. This hides the mess and makes the living room cleaner and neater. Want to explore more choices? Head down to La Cafa (#01-36) to see it for yourself!

You can also consider reclining sofa where you can lie and relax on. After a tired day at work, all you want is to plop and lie on the sofa to get a breather. This is definitely an essential, comfortable piece to have if you want to make the living room a cosier place.

2. Amplifying the look of the sofa

Credits: Eco Links (#01-12/13)

Now that you’ve gotten your ideal sofa – that’s not the end of it! Decorate your sofa with some pillows and add a fluffy blanket to make the living room an even better place for you to relax.

However, the next question is – what kind of pillows should I put? Well, you can consider using different shades of similar, light neutrals which is just enough to create a little interest without causing visual clutter. Otherwise, you can layer sofa with comfy, bright pillows too! Whichever that you prefer!

Also, you can just throw on a fluffy blanket onto the sofa. Don’t underestimate this simple gesture! It will instantly make the place so much more comfortable.

3. Warm Lighting for Table Lamps

A soft white lighting is truly capable of bringing out a warm and cozy feeling. Apart from playing around with the lighting, you can consider decorating the house with different light designs. Using an angular lighting fixture adds character to a minimalistic design. Furthermore, with such eye-catching lighting fixture, it brings about rustic elegance to the house. Now, your house will not only look cosier, but also more aesthetic.

4. Attention to detail

Have any underused corners but don’t know what to do with them? One of the best ways is to fill any them with nature as those lush leaves helps to add life makes the space look rejuvenated. When you’re already so exhausted, you wouldn’t want to come back to a lifeless place right? You can incorporate small potted plants, or those tall and sleek trees – all depending on your style.

5. Colour Scheme

No colour scheme is more inherently cozy than one made up of warm neutral – a palette of soft greys and white set the stage for a collection of comfortable furniture and easygoing fabrics. Given its versatility, it can match well with any texture serves as a clean backdrop for any pop of colour you want to incorporate it in. All in all, it will still provide a sleek, modern and timeless design concept.

6. Rugs

Another essential item is to add rugs to warm up the place. If you want to go for more texture, go for a plusher rug. It certainly adds an additional layer of cosiness to the house. For colour and visual interest, go with a patterned rug. Just a simple addition like this makes the living room look and feel cosier! Located at #01-19, Gabbeh Carpet is one not to be missed!

7. Bring direct sunlight

While thick and heavy curtains is good for blocking out the sun in your bedroom, you certainly don’t want that in your living room! Use layered curtains with sheer, translucent fabric with thicker curtains. This allows natural light to stream in and peek into your living room in the morning, instead of experiencing the full force of the unbearable heat and blinding sunbeams. At night, simply use the thicker curtains to gain some privacy. Don’t forget to give Curtain K (#01-04) a visit!

Now, you have a happy home and a happy mind! Start transforming your living room with us today and achieve a higher quality of life today! Head over to The Furniture Mall (located just beside IMM) to get your hands on these essentials!

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