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Meet God of Fortune CNY Event

On 12 Feb 2022, God of Fortune arrived at The Furniture Mall to rub his luck onto everyone here! Did you managed to get showered with some good luck and prosperity for 2022 from him?

Remember our Grand Lucky Draw? For every $200 purchase in our mall, you get a chance to enter our Lucky Draw to win up to $8,888! And the results are finally out!

Congratulations to the following lucky winners who got to walk away with $8,888,$2,888 and $888:
Grand Draw $8,888 Winner: Azman Mohamed
Grand Draw $2,888 Winner: Lim Hock Chuan
Grand Draw $888 Winner: Loh Hin Weng

God of Fortune also went around to spread his luck to all our tenants with a gift of appreciation for all.

Event Recap

Hope you have enjoyed our event! Till our next event! ~

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