This is a topic that every homeowner would need to touch on and ultimately affects the house incumbents’ lifestyle in the long run. 

There are several types of flooring out there for you to pick. However, each comes with its cost and characteristics. Of course, ultimately, you would want one that go along with the interior style of your home and the flooring type and colour would have a huge effect on that.

Below are the common floorings categorised into 5 main groups:

1. Wood
 Wood has been one of the most popular choices of flooring, as it comes with a look of luxury. Some would also find it comforting to have wooden flooring at home. However, There are limitations towards wooden flooring.
Choices of Wooden flooring: Solid Hardwood, Engineered Wood

While many would love having natural wood flooring at home, it comes with a hefty price-tag, limited choice, and high cost of maintenance. Engineered Wood would be what many would choose as an alternative, having more choices to choose from, and is more resistant to wear and tear. Another useful property of wooden flooring, be it engineered or natural, is its ability to moderate temperature (while not very useful here) and ensure your feet are warm even in the cold air-con.

2. Laminate & Vinyl

Laminate flooring has recently become more popular, in its ability to imitate stone or natural wood flooring at a fraction of the cost, and also being more easy to maintain and install than the natural counterparts. Laminates are produced by fusing many layers of synthetic flooring together, thus giving it the ability to customise its looks. It is also an ideal choice in high traffic areas, being scratch resistant.

Having properties of being water and stain resistant, like Laminates, the properties make this flooring perfect for high-traffic areas, and restricts food noise (as opposed to Laminates) due to its make. However, this flooring is not commonly seen in homes.

3. Floor Tiles (Ceramic)
One of the most commonly seen flooring material seen and used throughout the country, be it in homes, at public areas or even buildings of other use. These are commonly made by ceramic or stone (and rubber or glass, after the technological advancement) and are preferred for their low maintenance needs and high durability. 

4. Carpet
Carpets, though not often seen as the ideal choice in homes, come in different choices nowadays – in full pieces, tiles, or small area pieces like rugs and woven pieces. The formal, if laid at home, would be hard to maintain, given the extra work to vacuum and keep it stain-free.  The latter would be options that most would go for, as a supplement in the living room, cordoning off the sitting area, or reading area.

5. Stone
This group of flooring includes Marble, Granite, Limestone, Slate, and Travertine. The first two being more commonly seen and used than the rest.

Like natural wood, marble adds to the luxury appeal and definitely don’t come cheap. As these are naturally formed stones, getting similar grained tiles would need to be taken into consideration, if you have plans in laying the whole house with the same patterns. As seen in many ancient architectures and monuments around the world, Marbles though costly, are lasting.

Unlike wood that feels warm underneath you throughout the year, marbles give off coolness and works wonder on a hot day.

Like marble, granites are naturally formed stones and adds on to the luxury appeal, at a hefty price. They are also harder than marble, and are preferred for their appearance and impressive strength.

After reviewing all these options, there are several items to note down aside from visual appearance and price of course – your Lifestyle, the Degree of Use, and Climate. 

Taking considerations on who you will be sharing the home with would affect the choice of flooring, taking for example having children at home, one would definitely not consider marble, or tiles that are smooth and slippery. Rather wooden, laminate/vinyl, or tiled floors might be choice for safety and easy maintenance considerations.

If you are going to have guests over, and with rowdy kids and pets, you would be considering floors that are hardy, easy to maintain, and scratch resistance. As unlike a home for perhaps two-three adults, who daily lifestyle rotates between work and home, a marbled floor wouldn’t need as much maintenance as it would require if a kid was around.

Ultimately, heated flooring would be ruled out in this climate that we’re in. Do note if your home is going to be air-conditioned on a 24/7 basis, or you would like a flooring that helps to keep you cool, or even to regulate temperature.

We hope that with these tips, it’ll help you to better make your choice when selecting an ideal flooring for your homes.

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