(Photo from rodalewellness.com)

As the end of year is near, and two/three major festivals are coming right up, it is only wise to start cleaning up the unused and rarely-used, and making a list of what to keep and what not to.

AND here’s some tips on decluttering, to get you ready in time for many hosting and gathering activities:

  1. Have a coffee, and make a list. Segregate your home into different areas and finish up one area before moving on to the next.
  2. If you’ve not used the item for more than a month or three, it’s good to be rendered not an essential item in your daily life. And if you haven’t touch these items in the storeroom for a good three to six months, it’s good to go. Arrange a good weekend to go through these items and rid of the museum pieces, they might be more useful in the homes of their second owners or, really, museum.
  3. Try out many of the decluttering challenges there are online – 12-12-12 Challenge, Project 333 (to declutter your wardrobe), 365 Less Things a Year, 31 Day Home Detox Decluttering Challenge, 2018 in 2018, and so on.
  4. Organise – grab baskets, containers, or boxes you can lay your hands on and start organising. Go one area at a time, and categorise items into different boxes. You will soon be glad you’ve done this project and found things that you thought were gone years ago. That’s a couple of items off your buying list too. Great work!
  5. Break the chore down into little portions everyday. You’re no superhuman, and we all know that you’ve a lot more things to do daily than to spent it sorting and cleaning stuffs up. Try 15-30mins each night, and go on to the next area when you are done with one. Make sure that you’ve completely down sorting out and cleaning one area before proceeding.
  6. You are not on your own. Bring in your family. Who knows how that may roll out or be? Into a contest of decluttering? Try it, and remember more hands means work gets done more quickly and less boringly.
  7. Give it away, stop thinking that giving items away is letting all your well-spent, hard-earned money away. Think of it as a donation, as a gift to someone who hadn’t the chance of using what you just gave away and that you’ve created a chance for him or her to use it.


Now you have a less cluttered and cleaner house for more seats in place, more merry-making and to create more joyous memories with! Don’t thank us, thank yourself for the great job done. ?