Dress up your house with statement chairs and stools for an added visual interest. Forget the simple furniture and switch things up to refresh your space. It is especially ideal if you are not ready to commit to something drastic. Eye catching chair and stool can work for your house as long as there is a balance.

Bar Stools

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Bar stools come in three different back designs: Backless, Low-back and High-back. Backless stools are great if you like flexibility, as it allows 360° swerving.  If you are going for the contemporary look, Low-back stools (such as above) are a great addition to your house! It has some support as compared to High-back stools, which provides the most comfort although it is visually chunkier.

– High-back Bar Stool

output_wmj7wrOHome (#01-32)

– Low-back Stool


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Tip: To access the comfort level of bar stools, do keep the footrest a priority. As a guide, your legs should be able to relax easily and not hang awkwardly.

Hanging Chair

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High ceilings are not needed to own a Hanging Chair which is a great addition to your house for lounging and relaxation.

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This well-constructed powder-coated aluminum frame structure above is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. Plus, the options to put this piece of furniture are endless – it works well for the balcony or even the living room!


Wing Chair

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Wing Chair, also known as Wingback Chair, is a flexible furniture that goes well with plenty of interior in different sections of your house; from the living room to the bedroom and even the dining table. Sit back in style with this classic chair that is not limited to formal settings. It looks great in pairs so double it up and pair them side by side with a coffee table in between like below for a cozy, distinctive feel.

Photo credit: Pinterest/Julila Engel


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