Living & Dining

Traditional boundaries for fashioning living and dining areas have seemingly been crossed. Styling for a living room and the dining area is now based on an all-encompasssing theme, blending functionality and artistry in perfect harmony.

The living room decor, usually a reflection of the homeowner’s personal sense of style, should transcend well into the dining area and even onto the kitchen which may even be combined with the dining area.


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A statement piece of the living room is undoubtedly a good value and high quality sofa. Much time is spent lounging, chatting and entertaining in the living room and a stunning sofa set could well be the start of good conversations for all celebratory occasions.

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Sofas come in two- and three-seaters as a norm, and also in L-shaped designs for partitioning purposes. For comfort and durability, one could opt for leather-built types and ease of changeability, fabrics ones bode just as well.

Quality sofas may hail from famous award-winning designers or renowned brands manufactured locally or overseas.


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For compact living spaces, slim lined sofa designs with legs are usually recommended as they are space-saving and enables more visible floor space. Suitably created for substantial living spaces, there are combination sets of sofas with ottomans which lends grandeur and stately ambience.


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Accompanying the statement sofa set in the living room, comes furnishings to complete the orchestration. Furnishings include day and night curtains, floor and wall lamps, where applicable; ceiling lights as well as delightful carpets to enhance the appeal of the most-used living space for family and friends.

Recommended shades would be neutral hues or understated elegant motifs which make excellent choices as they offer both versatility and changeability, when looks are to be updated. These adornments should also exude a timeless appeal, regardless of how trends may evolve.

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Conversations will continue from the living room expectedly onto the dining table, hence padded seats are fave seatings. Spruce up the dining area with elegant overhanging pendant lamps and lay out charmingly designed table runners for accentuating glorious food spreads. You can be certain conversations will run well into the night in good company!

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