Define Your Personal Style

Transforming your living space into a blissful haven comes easy when you begin with an interior decor theme in mind and a list of your furnishing needs for daily living.

There are no hard-and-fast rules in defining your interior decor theme. Themes may be combined, no boundary, as long as a sense of perfect harmony, a balance of aesthetics and physical comfort are achieved.

Broadly-speaking, the categories of interior decor themes entail contemporary styling which is very popular, eclectic, regal, cottage, mid-century modern, industrial, minimalism or zen, as some may call it, high-tech, mediterranean and traditional.


Gabbeh Carpet (#01-19)

Furnish & Light Up

Furniture and furnishings are aplenty, ranging from renowned designer brands to locally manufactured ones. Sofas make good statement pieces for the most lived and used area in homes, the living room. Best of all, these furniture pieces are temporary, they can evolve with re-upholstering, as and when your mood dictates. Side tables are often used for enhancement and most double up as additional storage spaces as well, the same goes for coffee tables and even ottomans.



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Dining sets are usually conversational companions, the dining area is where good company of family and friends gather, hence, opt for good quality and durability, in natural hues or eclectic ones to befit your decor.

Lorenzo_Wanda Dining
Lorenzo (#01-01)

Bed frames and mattresses should be more substantial investments, for a well-deserved night’s rest. Premium quality mattresses are widely available in patented springs & pocketed coils, waterbeds, latex and memory foam. Bed frames with sturdy bases are equally important, as they play a role in upkeeping your mattress in pristine condition with good support.


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Lightings and curtain fabrics play major roles in the enhancement of the overall theme of any interior decor. Selecting the right ones to suit the styling of your home requires patience. Nonetheless, a little effort goes a long way because a home’s where your heart will ultimately be.

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Source from The Furniture Mall Advertorial in THE BUSINESS TIMES, Fri, May 22, 2015