It is no longer a matter that raises eyebrows now than it was years before – to lodge a case against a retailer for not delivering goods or services paid for. As a matter of fact, consumers no longer feel any safer than they were before in making purchases, and all so more in our industry where most of the items are big ticketed.

Therefore, we like to introduce FIRAC and what it does, as a hope to help consumers feel reassured when making purchases at The Furniture Mall.


FIRAC stands for Furniture & Interior Renovations Advisory Committee. The Committee was set up in August 1997, its purpose being to act as an intermediary between consumers and retailers. It also aims to act as a quality trademark in such that its retailer members provide “good quality” service and assurance, as well as, good products to consumers.

MAIN OBJECTIVE OF FIRAC: FIRAC aims at assisting SFA’s (Singapore Furniture Association) members in upholding of highest possible standard of good faith, courtesy, integrity and professionalism in dealings with consumers.


Thus, when consumers are making their next purchase at The Furniture Mall (where tenants are all members of SFA), they can always bank on FIRAC as a trademark of good quality and standards, or for simple reassurance in that the FIRAC would always be there if the consumer needs advice or speaking to. This is also in line with helping consumers build their trust, in shopping for their furniture, furnishing or big items physically.