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Warm Lights VS Cool Lights

An essential part of all houses – lightings. They are definitely the foundation that supports the theme you are directing to. As a crucial element, choosing the right light can be taunting with the many options (read: LED, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Neon, Halogen) available. However, today’s discussion on Warm Lighting and Cool Lighting is pointed to the first step of light selections.

Warm Lighting

If you are looking to redesign a room used for unwinding and relaxation purposes, warm lights will probably be a good choice for you. Warm lights are often a better installation for places that aims for a lesser focus and concentration as its subtle illumination takes awaythe concentration of one.

Cool Lighting

With its gleaming characteristics, cool lights naturally have the ability to increase and improve concentration. Thus, cool lights are the go-to if you are planning to revamp a room that you will be using to complete tasks. Some examples would be the study room and the kitchen.

Some exceptions of cool lighting recommendations despite the room’s purpose would be for apartments with a minimalistic or modern theme going on. These theme closely follows the idea of a whiter and brighter space, which cool lighting would be a compliment to.

How to incorporate lightings?

Some way lightings can be incorporated into your furnishing that you might not have explored are Under-Bed Lighting, Chandeliers, Wall Lights, and many more!

Under-Bed Lighting

These lightings give off the illusion of a floating bed, instantly making your space look futuristic and forward-looking. These bed lights are usually done in the form of LED light strips, thus allowing for you to customise the color of your choice.


Want to add elegance to your space? The chandelier is definitely the go-to light to do so! Granted that it might seem big and intimidating at the start, chandeliers are however fun to play around with. You can choose from the different sizes, the number of sockets, style and even the brightness of it!

To find the ideal chandelier size for your space, you may follow the general guideline of adding the dimensions (feet) of the room and converting it to inches for your perfect chandelier size.

Still unsure of your chandeliers options? Talk to our chandelier experts at The Furniture Mall today!

Wall Lightings

Handy and subtle, wall lightings are used to direct one’s attention to the wall. Often placed above a painting to draw eyes on it, wall lights have many other purposes that you may not be aware of.

Not only can wall lights change up the atmosphere of your space in the form of a cool or warm setting, transforming it into a pleasing and welcoming place instantly, it is also able to serve the purpose of wall decor. Wall lights can come in the form of many shapes and designs, adding a touch of creativity to your space. Check out the unique wall light options at  The Furniture Mall.

In conclusion, a good rule of thumb when deciding between warm and cool lights is by following the current theme of the room. Warm lights pair better with warm palettes, and cool lights pair better with cool palettes.

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