With the vast choices available out there for different furniture, being aware of the various types would really ease your decision-making process.  

  1. Knowing you woods 

With the rising trend towards a Scandinavian and minimalistic theme for many homeowners, wood finishes have been a popular choice. However, do you know the different types of woods and the pros and cons of them? 

Solid wood – typically on the higher price points, solid wood, however, do look of exceptional and outstanding! Still, these are also the ones that are likely to be prone to scratches and water rings from the condensation of your chilled drink. 

Veneers – if you are looking for a more affordable option and do not prioritize the quality, veneers are a good option for you. With its inner core being of lower quality wood, a block of better-quality wood is only used on the top layers where it comprises of several thin layers. 

Particleboard and Composite Wood – these are usually made from a combination of materials which includes wood pulp, plastic, resin or more, which explains why they are the top choice for people with a tighter budget. That being said, particleboard and composite wood do not look bad or cheap, but they are not resistance for a long period. 

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  1. How about fabric? 

If you are about to pick out a fabric finished item, do make sure that the colour and type of material would suit your lifestyle and home theme. For example, if a white velvet couch would definitely off-limits for dog owners as any stains can be seen easily and be hard to rid off. We would recommend dog owners and kids-friendly homes to go for dark colours furniture like black, grey, and navy. Also, you may opt for fabrics that are stain-resistant like tweed or linen. 

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  1. Leather lover

Loved by many, leather is a choice that will not run out of style. Yet, they are also the ones that require the most care for. If you are looking for a piece of leather furniture, here are some pointers you should know before committing. 

Aniline – dyed in an aniline dye, these are leathers closest to its original state, they are however the most natural, soft, and warm to the touch. Also one of the higher grades of leather with minimal processing, they are usually porous and vulnerable to water stains. 

Semi-aniline – these are leather which has gone through the process of receiving a layer of colour and coating of pigment. Semi-Aniline leather also reduces the possibility of water stains, and it’s more cost-friendly compared to pure Aniline material too! 

Pigmented leathers – Have you ever chance upon a bright coloured leather sofa? Well, they are made of pigmented leathers. They go through a full application of pigment to get their unique and bright colours. On top of it, a topcoat is applied for more protection against stains. These are usually on the cheaper option as compared to the above mentioned.  

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