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(Image from the spruce)   In light to our previous article ‘Just in time to Clean Up for the festivals’, decluttering and challenges for that were shared. We hoped that you’ve read it, and it had helped you empty out things that you no longer need anymore. Moving on along the same line, we like […]

(Photo from rodalewellness.com) As the end of year is near, and two/three major festivals are coming right up, it is only wise to start cleaning up the unused and rarely-used, and making a list of what to keep and what not to. AND here’s some tips on decluttering, to get you ready in time for many […]

  (Photo: http://postharvest.co/postharvest-forum-tree-planted/)     We all know that keeping cool in our tropical climate is a big big thing to go, especially during the hotter months, where the afternoons make us think we’re at Sahara Desert (but we are not). While there are some out that who are just as concerned about keeping homes […]

While light is important to us, to our daily lives and activities at home, most of us take the existence of light for granted. Or grown used to it, if we’re living in the house for a long period of time. And as there are so many choices of lights out there, as well as […]

  This is a topic that every homeowner would need to touch on and ultimately affects the house incumbents’ lifestyle in the long run.  There are several types of flooring out there for you to pick. However, each comes with its cost and characteristics. Of course, ultimately, you would want one that go along with […]

Dining Set, a buying guide While getting yourself a Dining Set is mandatory, do you know that the size, shape, and material choice of this Set can be important setting your daily life patterns, and also changing your lifestyle. And so before you set your eyes on a perfect Dining Set for your house, do […]